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Reynolds Risk Score vs. Framingham Risk Score

According to the 2009 Canadian Cholesterol Guidelines…1

  • While cardiovascular risk assessments are imperfect, the Framingham Risk Scores (FRS) for total cardiovascular disease (CVD) is recommended. The FRS has been shown to underestimate risk in specific categories of patients especially the young and women, and possibly those with the metabolic syndrome. The FRS has been validated in Canada with the Cardiovascular Life Expectancy Model, and this model has been shown to increase adherence to therapeutic measures.
  • However, by adding just 2 measurements (a family history of premature CAD and high hsCRP) to the Framingham model, predictions of CVD risk are further modulated, particularly for those people who in the past were perceived as moderate risk.2,3
  • The Reynolds Risk Score (RRS) is a risk equation that includes the conventional CVD risk factors in addition to family history and hsCRP. It has been validated in men and women in an American population but not yet in Canada.